База данных финансового центра

Количественный анализ событий в ведущих международных финансовых центрах

The Financial Center Database consolidates a broad set of indicators covering all aspects of international financial center development, such as the financial sector, business environment and reputation, city infrastructure, human capital, and quality of life. 

The database is for internal use. 

The Financial Center Database contains data from public sources such as the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD, or the BIS, data from WAIFC partners as well as self-collected data from our members.

The WAIFC Financial Center Database Expert Group, consisting of representatives of our members, steered the development of the database and decided on the inclusion of indicators.

The Financial Center Database enables the WAIFC and its members to follow the most important developments in the financial industry at a global level. It also serves as a data source for WAIFC publications and social media. 

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