Women In Finance Report
2024年5月21日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC Report on "Women in Finance - Compendium of Good Practice"

The working paper sheds light on the increasing role of Women in the financial sector, and what good practices can be employed to insure gender equality.

WAIFC has published a new working paper on "Women in Finance - Compendium of Good Practice."

This paper serves as a comprehensive guide to good practices within the financial ecosystem, emphasizing the need for active participation in promoting gender diversity. It aims to mobilize all stakeholders to create an environment where women can thrive through initiatives such as equal representation on boards and committees, balanced participation in conferences and panels, and robust mentoring programs.

The primary goals of this paper are to break down the historical barriers that have hindered women's progress in the financial sector and to pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable industry. By acknowledging and supporting female leadership, the report seeks to highlight the numerous benefits of gender diversity, including enhanced innovation, resilience, and overall prosperity.

Global collaboration and partnership play a vital role in accelerating efforts toward an inclusive financial future. The WAIFC, through its Women in Finance project launched in April 2023, actively promotes gender diversity. This initiative focuses on creating a gender-equitable industry, fostering innovation, attracting female talent, and addressing critical issues like senior management representation and pay disparities.

Several of our members have implemented measures to ensure an equitable environment of opportunities for women in the financial sector. This working paper highlights examples from Jersey Finance, Casablanca Finance City Authority, and TheCityUK, among others, illustrating WAIFC’s and its members’ commitment to a fair and equal finance world.


You can downlaod the working paper here.


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