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20 يونيو 2023 | Kigali, Rwanda

Inclusive FinTech Forum 2023 in Rwanda

تفاصيل الحدث

تاريخ البدء 20 يونيو 2023 09:00
تاريخ الانتهاء 22 يونيو 2023 18:00
الفئة Member event
موقعك Kigali, Rwanda
منظم Rwanda Finance Limited
التسجيل Invitation only
موقع الكتروني https://www.inclusivefintechforum.com/pre-registration
Hosted by the Kigali International Financial Centre and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Forum will bring together Heads of Government, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, Investors, FinTechs, Financial Institutions, Development Financial Institutions, and Regulators, to accelerate implementation strategies for the inclusive and sustainable development of FinTech.

The Forum will act as a catalyst for Financial Inclusion and Fintech for Good in emerging markets, by promoting technology and policy conversations, with actionable strategies and tangible commitments, that enable fintech development to become more equitable, accessible, and sustainable to all people of the world.

Banking the unbanked requires foundational digital infrastructures and best practice implementation to drive an inclusive economy and new economic opportunities. It is with this in mind that I would like to propose your personal participation as a speaker at the forum to share your insights, expertise & knowledge in this significant global gathering on Financial Inclusion and Fintech for good.

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