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31 يناير 2024 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC leaders attend the Asian Financial Forum

WAIFC participated in the Asian Financial Forum 2024 in Hong Kong fostering global collaboration in the financial sector.

At this prestigious event, the WAIFC delegation included prominent representatives from Astana International Financial Centre, Busan Finance Center, DIFC, EDB Mauritius, Luxembourg for Finance, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, and TheCityUK, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise from across the world's leading financial hubs.


Key interactions and discussions were a highlight of the forum. The WAIFC team engaged in meaningful dialogues with significant industry figures, including a notable meeting with Christopher Hui, which provided invaluable insights into the complexities and dynamics of international finance. These interactions emphasized the alliance's commitment to understanding and shaping the global financial landscape.

The WAIFC's presence at the forum was further enriched by the warm hospitality extended by King Au, Rocky Tung, and their colleagues from the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council. Their support was instrumental in facilitating these critical conversations, underlining the importance of collaboration in addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by global financial centers.

One of the standout events at the forum was Nicolas Mackel’s lunch panel, where deep insights into the current and future trends of international finance were shared. This session highlighted the WAIFC's active role in contributing to the dialogue surrounding financial innovation and sustainability.


A significant milestone at the AFF was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between King Au of the Financial Services Development Council and the Financial Sector Development Program of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This agreement symbolizes a strong commitment to future collaboration and shared objectives within the financial sector, marking a step forward in international financial cooperation.


Reflecting on the forum's success, the WAIFC team's participation underscored the importance of such international gatherings in bringing together key players from around the world to discuss, deliberate, and shape the future of finance. The discussions and agreements forged at AFF 2024 promise to have a lasting impact on the global financial landscape, driving towards a sustainable and inclusive financial future.

In conclusion, the Asian Financial Forum 2024 was not only a platform for fruitful discussions and meaningful collaborations but also a testament to the shared vision of a diverse and forward-thinking financial community. The WAIFC's contributions were instrumental in driving these conversations, highlighting the alliance's role in shaping the future of global finance. As the WAIFC continues its efforts to promote sustainable and innovative financial practices worldwide, the insights and connections made at the AFF 2024 will undoubtedly play a crucial role in its ongoing endeavors.

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