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17 أكتوبر 2023 | Chicago, USA

WAIFC Engages with Financial Leaders in Chicago: A Meeting of Minds and Markets

The recent engagement of the WAIFC with Chicago's financial luminaries: a confluence of visionaries, market leaders, and innovators.

In the bustling financial hub of Chicago, the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) recently marked a significant stride in its international outreach. With the goal to foster global collaboration and promote sustainable finance, the WAIFC's recent engagements in Chicago have signified a promising move toward achieving its objectives.

Engaging with World Business Chicago

The team began its journey at the epicenter of Chicago's economic pulse, in "the Loop," by meeting representatives of World Business Chicago. As the city's premier public-private economic development agency, World Business Chicago plays a pivotal role in shaping the financial and economic landscape of the region. The WAIFC delegation had the unique opportunity to delve deep into their mission and the impactful projects they have been steering.

Special gratitude goes out to Kyle T. Schulz and Alexandra Oleksiuk of World Business Chicago, who extended a heartfelt welcome to the WAIFC team, eloquently showcasing the dynamic ecosystem that the agency nurtures.

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A Glimpse into FinTank's Operations

The expedition also led to a productive interaction with David Carman, the Managing Director of FinTank, providing invaluable insight into the FinTech ecosystem in Chicago. 

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Experience

Another highlight of the trip was the meeting with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). This was not just a typical boardroom dialogue. The delegation from WAIFC was treated to an exclusive tour of the CME's Global Command Center. Often dubbed as "the football field," this is the nerve center where teams vigilantly oversee the live markets, ensuring fluidity and stability in transactions.

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Deep Dive into Derivatives with John J. Lothian

The journey through Chicago's financial landmarks would have been incomplete without engaging in a conversation on futures and options markets. And who better to lead this dialogue than John J. Lothian? A veteran commentator and consultant on derivatives, Lothian's insights offered a comprehensive view of the futures and options markets, not just in the US, but on a global scale.

Towards the AGM and Beyond

With the Annual General Meeting (AGM) approaching, this Chicago visit is just a preamble to the exciting agenda that WAIFC has laid out. As the organization embarks on its mission to the US, stakeholders, and enthusiasts can keep abreast with the latest developments and updates by following WAIFC on its platforms. 

In conclusion, the WAIFC's rendez-vous with Chicago's financial stalwarts reflects the organization's commitment to bridging the gaps between global financial centers and fostering an environment of mutual growth and understanding. As the world of finance evolves, such engagements pave the way for more collaborative and sustainable futures.

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