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19 أبريل 2023 | London, UK

WAIFC welcomes EnterpriseNGR as newest member from Africa, representing the Lagos financial center

WAIFC Board of Directors Approves EnterpriseNGR's Membership in London, Expanding the Alliance's Reach to Africa.

Today, on April 19, during the boards of directors meeting of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) hosted by TheCityUK in London, EnterpriseNGR became a member of the WAIFC. This is a significant development as it marks the fourth international financial center from the African continent to join the alliance, following Casablanca Finance City, EDB Mauritius, and Rwanda Finance.

The WAIFC is a global network of financial centers that aims to promote cooperation, exchange of best practices, and the development of the global financial system. With EnterpriseNGR joining the alliance, it will further strengthen the collaboration between the international financial centers in the African continent and worldwide.

The board of directors expressed their delight in welcoming a new member to the alliance and highlighted the importance of this development in fostering closer ties between the international financial centers. This move is expected to create an opportunity to go forward in the projects. 

In conclusion, EnterpriseNGR joining the WAIFC is a significant milestone that highlights the growing importance of the African continent in the global financial system and the commitment of the alliance to promoting cooperation and collaboration between the international financial centers.

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