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27 مارس 2024 | Mauritius

WAIFC welcomes Future Finance Poland as a new member

WAIFC’s General Meeting approves Future Finance Poland’s membership, expanding to the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe.

During an Extraordinary General Meeting of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), Future Finance Poland became a member, extending WAIFC’s network to 20 members. The WAIFC is a global network of financial centers representing 30 financial centers across five continents. It aims to promote cooperation, the exchange of best practices, and the development of the global financial system. With over 30 years of dedicated efforts in building its financial center, Poland is a prominent player in the global financial landscape. Future Finance Poland's inclusion in the World Alliance of International Financial Centers underscores the country's enduring commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the financial sector, strengthening Warsaw's position as a key hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

Commenting on the new membership, Dr Pawel Widawski, the Chairman of Future Finance Poland, said: "We are thrilled to join the World Alliance of International Financial Centers. Poland's journey in building its financial center over the past three decades has been remarkable, and our admission to this prestigious alliance further validates our position as a dynamic player in the global financial landscape. We are eager to collaborate with our counterparts from other leading financial centers to drive innovation, foster sustainable growth, and address the evolving needs of our industry."

Keiichi Aritomo, the Chairman of WAIFC, stated: "Our aim in the past year has been to keep up the momentum and increase opportunities for financial centers to exchange best practices. Having the dynamics and ideas from Future Finance Poland will further add value to members and enable deeper cross-border collaboration. We are delighted with the inclusion of Poland to our member base."

Dr. Jochen Biedermann, WAIFC’s Managing Director, added: "Our team is delighted to see Future Finance Poland join WAIFC and looks forward to working with them. I visited Warsaw in December last year, spoke at Future Finance Poland’s Summit, and was impressed by all the exciting developments in the Polish financial ecosystem.”

Future Finance Poland is a non-profit initiative bringing together participants of the Polish financial market, actively supported by the public sector and Polish cities. It aims to develop the Polish financial, center in the regulatory, technological, and business areas. The initiative also includes the promotion of the Polish financial center abroad, as well as support for the foreign expansion of Polish financial market entities. All these activities are aimed at significantly improving Poland's position as a financial center.

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