2023年11月21日 | Digital event.

China Finance Forum 2023


初め 2023年11月21日 09:00
終わり 2023年11月21日 12:00
部門 Member event
場所 Digital event.
主催者 Luxembourg for Finance
登録 free
WWW https://www.luxembourgforfinance.com/event/china-finance-forum-2023/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=china-finance-forum2023

Luxembourg for Finance announces its annual China Finance Forum, highlighting China's pivotal role in global finance. The event will address challenges in financial services, considering the impact of COVID-19, macroeconomic performance, and geopolitical tensions. Discussions will encompass key topics such as big tech, the Greater Bay Area, climate finance, and Chinese firms expanding internationally. The forum will feature insights from leading specialists, providing a platform to explore the evolving landscape of China's financial markets.