2021年2月2日 | Virtual event

FinCity Global Forum


初め 2021年2月2日 13:00
終わり 2021年2月2日 17:00
部門 Member event
場所 Virtual event
主催者 FinCity.Tokyo
登録 free
WWW https://events.nikkei.co.jp/34109/

FinCity.Tokyo is pleased to announce that we will be holding our global online symposium titled Tokyo's role as a global financial city in a post-COVID19 era and the future of asset management on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. This event will be the second global symposium to be organized by FinCity.Tokyo, which is the promotional organization set up in April 2019 to drive the "Global Financial City: Tokyo" Vision.

With the global pandemic of the new coronavirus and rising global geopolitical uncertainties, what role will Tokyo play as an international financial city and how can the asset management industry shape the future? Please join us for a lively discussion with rich perspectives from leaders representing government, investors, asset managers and listed companies.