2023年6月8日 | Dubai

Jersey Finance Spotlight on Funds, Dubai: Accessing International Capital


初め 2023年6月8日 12:30
終わり 2023年6月8日 14:00
部門 Member event
場所 Dubai
主催者 Jersey Finance
登録 Invitation only
WWW https://www.jerseyfinance.je/events/jersey-finance-spotlight-on-funds-dubai-accessing-international-capital/

Discover the unique positioning of Jersey as a trusted jurisdiction catering to investors from key global markets for several decades. Jersey's strategic location, coupled with its excellent third country access to the EU market through the Non-Preferential Policy Regime (NPPR), has set it apart as a preferred choice.

In this exclusive roundtable event, Jersey Finance invites guests with a keen interest in the evolution of international finance centers (IFCs) for funds and their relevance to the Dubai market. Elliot Refson, Head of Funds at Jersey Finance, will delve into Jersey's well-established model, highlighting its distinct advantages for fund managers based in Dubai. Gain insights into how Jersey's IFCs provide an ideal investment gateway to European and UK markets for fund investors, while also addressing the growing needs of sustainable finance and crypto funds. Jersey's stability, expertise, infrastructure, and robust yet flexible regulatory frameworks make it an ideal choice for today's dynamic financial landscape.

To secure your spot at this event, kindly register your interest by contacting An Kelles, Director – GCC, Jersey Finance.