2022年4月7日 | London & online

TheCityUK International Conference


初め 2022年4月7日 09:00
終わり 2022年4月7日 17:00
部門 Member event
場所 London & online
主催者 TheCityUK
登録 free
WWW https://reg.thecityukinternationalconference2022.co.uk/thecityuk/register

TheCityUK International Conference, in partnership with Freshfields and HSBC, will focus on the UK’s role as an international financial centre and the opportunities to grasp and challenges and trends to tackle if it is to retain its world-leading status. As the UK forges new trading relationships with countries across the world, the conference will also consider the key areas of global demand for financial and related professional services and the industry’s future approach to international trade and investment.