2024年3月8日 | Brussels, Belgium

EU Financial Center Roundtable in Brussels: Prioritizing Securities Issuance, Retail Investment, Diversity, and Inclusion

Febelfin recently hosted the EU Financial Center Roundtable in Brussels

Brussels hosted a momentous gathering as the EU Roundtable of Financial Centers convened, showcasing the fusion of diversity and unity in our collective objectives. Febelfin had the honor of spearheading a dialogue among representatives from various EU financial centers, setting out a shared trajectory for the industry's evolution.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our distinguished guests:

- Anne Gaignard, CEO of Place des Investisseurs,

- Claire Godding, Co-Chair of Women in Finance,

- Benoît van den Hove, CEO of Euronext Brussels.

Their insights delved into critical themes such as bolstering financial markets and nurturing diversity within the financial sector. By embracing our differences and harnessing our combined expertise, we can steer toward positive change, shaping a future that's both resilient and equitable for all stakeholders.

We extend our appreciation to all participants.