Green Transformation of Supply Chains by FinCity.Tokyo

Achieving net zero through the end to end supply chains

Topics of the joint work:

  • What types of characteristics are required for Supply Chain Finance (SCF) to contribute to the demand for visualization and resilience of the supply chain from a finance perspective?
  • How should the digitization of SCF be promoted?
  • How can the supply chain and the investment chain be fused?
  • What role leading financial centers can play?
  • How can they position themselves as SCF hubs?

The project is coordinated by FinCity.Tokyo.

Key questions

  1. Who should be held accountable?
  2. What are the key measures?
  3. How to devise/provide solutions (e.g., AI/ big data, smart contracts, RFID)?
  4. Who should pay for it?
  5. How to secure funding?