2021년 9월 15일 | Online

Global Webinar Series on AI in Finance: Focus on Asia

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시작일 2021년 9월 15일 오후 12:00
종료일 2021년 9월 15일 오후 1:00
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Global Webinar Series on Artificial Intelligence, Explainability, and Trustworthiness in Financial Services

by WAIFC, World Economic Forum, and NVIDIA

4th series event in Asia

Wednesday, September 15, 21:00 PT / 05:00 BST / 06:00 CEST / 07:00 AST / 08:00 GST / 10:00 ALMT / 12:00 CST HKT SGT / 13:00 JST KST  

The potential and application bandwidth of  Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) in Financial Services is breathtaking. However, enterprise scaling and model exposure to live environments turn out to be quite challenging. Additionally, further regulation of AI is expected or has already been drafted.

In this unique series on AI in financial services across the globe we have invited thought leaders and AI personalities to discuss the latest implications, trends, strategies, and challenges. What are the global and local trends? How do financial centers, financial service companies, and financial supervisors position themselves? How are the technical and ethical challenges addressed? What are best practices, standards, platforms, and infrastructures? Where are the best talent, research, and innovation?

Join us on this very timely and exciting journey around the globe! 


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Next webinars of this series:

  • Russia/CIS
  • GCC
  • Latin America

Please stay tuned.

Many thanks to our media partner: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence

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