2023년 9월 26일 | The Brewery, London, Uk.

Jersey Finance Private Wealth Conference 2023

행사 세부사항

시작일 2023년 9월 26일 오후 12:00
종료일 2023년 9월 26일 오후 7:30
카테고리 Member event
개최지 The Brewery, London, Uk.
주최 Jersey Finance
등록 For a fee
웹사이트 https://www.jerseyfinance.je/events/jersey-finance-private-wealth-conference-2023/

Join Jersey Finance's flagship private wealth conference addressing the pressing concerns of high-net-worth individuals amidst the current "polycrisis" in global geopolitics.

Explore strategies for safeguarding wealth, fostering long-term growth, and securing a legacy. Engage in two panel discussions on "Political Risk in a Changing World" and "Balancing Legacy and Sustainability in Wealth Management."

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