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2022년 10월 20일 | Rabat, Morocco

WAIFC met the Minister of Investment of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat

WAIFC leaders met H.E. Mouhcine Jazouli, Minister of Investment of the Kingdom of Morocco, to discuss issues of financial center development and opportunities for Morocco.

During WAIFC's Annual General Meeting in Casablanca, WAIFC leaders were invited to meet H.E. Mouhcine Jazouli, Minister of Investment of the Kingdom of Morocco, in Rabat. 

In his office in the capital of Morocco, he exchanged views with WAIFC leaders on sustainability, financial technology, and other issues of financial center development. Mouhcine Jazouli expressed his strong support for Casablanca Finance City, a founding member of the WAIFC. All participants shared that Morocco, particularly its financial sector, offers extraordinary opportunities in the coming years.


Dr. Jochen BiedermannManaging Director of WAIFC said:
"It was an honor to meet the Minister of Investment and understand more about the development of Morocco and the Casablanca financial center. The support that the government of Morocco have given our member Casablanca Finance City, demonstrates the foresight the government has, given that Casablanca will be amongst the leading African financial centers that shall see extraordinary growth over the next 15-20 years. The WAIFC looks forward to facilitating further collaboration in partnership with all our members to exchange best practice and support the role financial centers can play in developing nations’ economies. We would like thank Casablanca Finance City for organizing this promising meeting."
Badr Boussabat, Head of Marketing of WAIFC, added:
“WAIFC members highlighted the desire to strengthen relations between financial centers. Best practices are continuously exchanged among our members to enable the financial sector to express a seamless resilience. In concrete terms, the WAIFC materializes these exchanges in written reports that are available on the website. The latest one is entitled "The Future of Financial Centers". This report calls for a vision for the future through an organizational reconfiguration in order to enable international financial centers to strengthen their impact on the economy and their support to public authorities.”

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