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2023년 4월 20일 | London, UK

WAIFC representatives meet with City of London leaders

Recently, the WAIFC had the opportunity to meet with several prominent figures in the financial industry, including Chris Hayward, Sir Peter Estlin, and Prof. Michael Mainelli.

Sir Peter Estlin, Alderman of the City of London Corporation and former Lord Mayor, explained the role of the Lord Mayor in promoting London as an international financial center and discussed with WAIFC representatives the challenges and opportunities international financial centers face around the world.

In a separate meeting at the Guildhall, Chris Hayward, Chairman of the Policy Committee of the City of London Corporation, discussed the priorities for the City of London in financial services and how he sees the future of London as an international financial center. Furthermore, Hayward shared his experiences working with financial institutions and government bodies to implement innovative technologies and discussed the challenges and opportunities that arise when doing so.

Finally, the WAIFC also had the opportunity to meet with Prof. Michael Mainelli, Chairman of Z/Yen Group and a prominent expert on financial center developments. Prof. Mainelli's research on financial centers has been highly influential, and his insights into the impact of financial centers on their national economies were invaluable to the WAIFC. 

WAIFC also visited the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). The purpose of the visit was to gain a better understanding of the latest developments surrounding human resources and talent development in the financial sector. During the visit, representatives from the WAIFC were able to meet with leading experts from the CISI to discuss a range of topics, including the latest trends in recruitment, talent development, and training programs for financial professionals. The CISI is widely regarded as a leading organization in the field of finance and investment, and its expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in shaping the industry.

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