Международный финансовый центр Астана (МФЦА)

Международный финансовый центр «Астана» (МФЦА) играет ключевую роль в качестве регионального центра бизнеса и финансов, связывая экономики стран Центральной Азии, Кавказа, ЕАЭС, Западного Китая, Монголии, Ближнего Востока и Европы.

What is the role of Astana International Financial Center?

The AIFC’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan and the region, by fostering innovation, financial solutions, and services,  establishing an environment that delivers fair and transparent financial and capital markets, in which individuals and institutions act with integrity.

AIFC supports Kazakhstan’s policy of modernization and growth; making the business environment more friendly, attracting capital to accelerate development and providing companies with the most advanced, secure and effective investment instruments.

The AIFC operates within a special legal regime based on Common Law.


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