2021年11月22日 | Online

Tokyo—Unlocking Opportunities for Asia’s Green Finance


開始 2021年11月22日 18:00
結束 2021年11月22日 19:00
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地點 Online
籌辦者 FinCity.Tokyo (co-hosted by Reuters Plus)
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網頁 https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3490164/8B0D9FC83C3034390C938FE46D40C0BE?partnerref=fct

FinCity.Tokyo is pleased to announce “Tokyo—Unlocking Opportunities for
Asia’s Green Finance,” a webinar that will delve into Japan’s strong green finance
momentum and discuss how Tokyo can further boost its position as a green
finance hub in Asia and globally. The event is co-hosted by Reuters Plus.
Participation is free of charge.

Tokyo is emerging as a green finance powerhouse as Japan moves toward
decarbonization by 2050. Green bond issuance in Japan is expected to rise to a
fresh record by the end of this year. In Q1 2021 alone, the number of GSS (Green,
Social & Sustainability) bonds sold was more than double that in Q1 2020. As
Tokyo’s green finance market rapidly evolves, how does the city attract more
foreign issuers and investors? And what can be done to further stimulate the

The panel discussion will bring together insightful perspectives from issuers,
industry professionals, regulators, academia, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan
Government and FinCity.Tokyo.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event.


  • Fumiyo Harada: Executive Officer, for GRIT Strategy, Chief Manager of Sustainability Management Office Development Bank of Japan, Inc.
  • Dr Yumiko Miwa: PhD Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Meiji University, Outside Director of Eisai Co. Ltd.
  • Dr Kim Schumacher: Lecturer in Sustainable Finance and ESG
    Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • Hiroshi Nakaso: Chairman of FinCity.Tokyo

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