Stuttgart Financial

Stuttgart is the second biggest financial center and one of the most diversified financial centers in Germany.

We introduce: the financial center Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is the capital City of Baden Württemberg Germany. A city that is well known for its leading industry driven by companies like Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Kärcher, or Mahle. As known from theory: a strong industry is always connected to access to finance. Stuttgart offers a solid infrastructure for financing possibilities.

With headquarters of 17 Banks, the biggest state bank in Germany, 29 Insurances, 3 Buildings Society, the biggest private investors stock exchange of Germany and one of the big four auditing companies,  Stuttgart is not only a very diversified financial center, but also home for 29303 employees working in the financial sector. 

With our 4 pillar system: Network, Innovations, Projects and Education we connect our financial institutions with different events, drive Fin- and Insurtech innovations, support with the implementation of projects, and foster financial education. 


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We connect, we invent, we educate and we drive projects:   www.stuttgart-financial.de

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