2024年8月26日 | Kigali, Rwanda

Inclusive Fintech Forum 2024


初め 2024年8月26日 09:00
終わり 2024年8月28日 18:00
部門 Member event
場所 Kigali, Rwanda
主催者 Rwanda Finance
登録 Invitation only

Join us for the Inclusive Fintech Forum 2024, a global platform advancing financial inclusion and FinTech for positive impact. This unique collaboration is hosted by our member, Rwanda Finance, Rwanda's financial hub facilitating international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa. Partnering with Elevandi, a company established by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the National Bank of Rwanda, this forum aims to drive innovation and collaboration in inclusive finance and technology for societal good. Explore cutting-edge solutions and initiatives that leverage FinTech to promote financial inclusion and sustainable development.