Paris, the only “global city” in the EU27. The Paris financial center is located at the heart of Europe. It can be easily reached by air, rail and road transportation and gives access to a market of 500 million European consumers. It is supported by the largest economic region in the EU27, with 5% of the EU GDP, and the prime location in Europe of the world’s Top 500 corporate headquarters.

What is Paris EUROPLACE?

Paris EUROPLACE is the voice of the Paris Financial Center. It brings together over 400 members, all financial services industry stakeholders: corporate issuers, investors, banks and financial intermediaries, professional associations, lawyers and accountants, consulting firms, etc., as well as the financial market authorities.


  • Organizes working groups to enhance the Paris financial services’ business regulatory and global environment;
  • Participates in European working groups and consultations on European financial markets;
  • Develops dialogue, close ties and cooperation with emerging financial centres;
  • Encourages innovation (through the “FINANCE INNOVATION” cluster), sustainable finance (through the “Finance for Tomorrow” initiative) and financial research (through the “Louis Bachelier” institute).

The 2030 global strategy of the Paris International Financial Centre:

  • Improve its attractiveness;
  • Consolidate its position in its sectors of excellence (e.g. investment banking, insurance, asset management, corporate financing);
  • Accelerate industrial initiatives in three key sectors: Fintech and financial innovation, Sustainable and environmental finance, Infrastructure financing;
  • Strengthen its contribution at European and International levels.