2024年1月23日 | Digital Event

Focus on Global Competitiveness


開始 2024年1月23日 10:00
結束 2024年1月23日 11:00
類別 Member event
地點 Digital Event
籌辦者 Luxembourg for Finance
登記 free
網頁 https://www.luxembourgforfinance.com/event/focus-on-global-competitiveness/

Discover the future of the European financial sector at Luxembourg for Finance's livestream event, "Focus On Global Competitiveness: Navigating the Modern Financial Order."

The session addresses the urgency for forward-thinking strategies in a rapidly transforming financial landscape. Clive Horwood of OMFIF will analyze industry trends and the reaction of firms, while speakers explore converting challenges into opportunities. Topics include, the untapped potential of sustainable finance and harnessing the digital revolution in financial services. Join policymakers, industry pioneers, and experts in discussions on how Europe can not only adapt but also lead in this dynamic environment.

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