November 17, 2024 | Centrum Gieldowe, Książęca 4, 00-498 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Finance Week

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Start Nov 17, 2024 9:30 AM
End Nov 20, 2024 4:30 PM
Category Member event
Location Centrum Gieldowe, Książęca 4, 00-498 Warsaw, Poland
Organizer Future Finance Poland
Registration free
WWW https://futurefinancepoland.com/warsaw-finance-week/

Join us at Warsaw Finance Week 2024, an event established to celebrate Warsaw’s financial technology sector and connect it globally. This week-long event includes the Future Finance Summit and various side events, providing a platform for discussing the financial sector’s pivotal role in Poland’s economic strategy and the goal of creating a modern financial center as part of the Future Finance Poland initiative.

For over 30 years, Poland has been developing its financial center, crucial for building a modern and dynamic economy. Today, this center represents hundreds of thousands of jobs, cybersecurity hubs, research and development centers, and numerous innovative fintech companies. From local roots, the Polish financial center is increasingly becoming part of the global financial network, serving customers worldwide.

In light of the changing geopolitical landscape, Warsaw Finance Week aims to set new goals that reflect Poland’s growing ambitions in the financial sector. It envisions the next-generation financial center as a key driver of national economic development, competitiveness, innovation, and internationalization.

Key initiatives and achievements of the Polish financial sector will be presented, offering opportunities for networking with domestic and international experts, engaging in dialogue with public institutions, building partnerships, and creating new value in the financial market.

Future Finance Summit Highlights:

  • International Cooperation: Strengthening global partnerships and building synergy effects.
  • Capital Market: Exploring new technologies like tokenization and crypto-assets.
  • Global Talent Attraction: Strategies to attract top talent amidst geopolitical tensions.
  • Regulations and Execution: Ensuring high-quality financial regulation and efficient execution.
  • Green Finance: Supporting climate goals through green finance initiatives.
  • AML and Cybersecurity: Positioning Poland as a hub for AML and cybersecurity.
  • AI in Finance: Leveraging Poland’s talent in math and computer science for AI innovation.
  • Payments: Strengthening Poland’s position in the payments sector and expanding internationally.

The Future Finance Summit will take place in the iconic Centrum Gieldowe building on Ksiazeca Street in Warsaw, home to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and other capital market institutions. This location is central to the Polish financial sector and will host the most important events of Warsaw Finance Week 2024.

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