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January 15, 2020 | Hong Kong, China

Interview with Xinhua News at HK FSDC

Christopher Hui, Executive Director of the HK FSDC, and Jochen Biedermann, Managing Director of the WAIFC gave an interview to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency.

The interview was published by Xinhua News Agency with the headline “Hong Kong joins the World Alliance of International Financial Centers to tell the Hong Kong story of finance”.


Key messages of the interview:

  • Jochen Biedermann met FSDC Executive Director Christopher Hui earlier to discuss how to further enhance collaboration between Hong Kong and other financial centers.
  • At the AGM of WAIFC at Abu Dhabi on 24 October 2019, representatives of FSDC, Qatar Financial Centre and Mauritius EDB were appointed to the WAIFC board.
  • WAIFC’s members span four continents.


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Jochen stated in the interview that:

  • Financial centers are vital to maintaining economic growth as they provide the infrastructure for investment and saving and drive the development of corporations and industries.
  • WAIFC aims to encourage the exchange of best practices between financial centers and establish dialogues between financial centers with the public bodies on an international level.
  • Hong Kong is a gateway that can connect the world and Mainland China. Such an advantage cannot be replaced by other financial centers.
  • Hong Kong can tackle the challenges and get out of the trouble. International investors would remain confident in the city.
  • He is optimistic about Hong Kong’s development in FinTech given the openness of its financial system, efficient business environment, resourceful financial services, and free capital flow, and the potential of the Greater Bay Area.


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Chris told Xinhua that:

  • As a member of WAIFC, FSDC seeks to help the Mainland financial services sector to meet international standards and assist foreign investors to better understand China.


Please find the full interview here (in Chinese language).

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