Fincity Global Forum (2)
March 19, 2020 | Tokyo, Japan

WAIFC participates in the FinCity.Tokyo Global Forum

WAIFC representatives participated in a panel at the Global Forum, co-hosted by WAIFC member FinCity.Tokyo and NIKKEI.

FinCity Global Forum: Future of Asset Management and Tokyo as a Global Financial City

Our member FinCity.Tokyo held its global symposium titled “Future of Asset Management and Tokyo as a Global Financial City” in Tokyo on 19 March 2020, which was co-organized by NIKKEI.
This event was the first global symposium organized by FinCity.Tokyo, which is the promotional organization set up in April 2019 to drive the “Global Financial City Tokyo” initiative.
Against the backdrop of Japan’s aging society and uncertainty looming in the global economy, interest in a more ambitious approach to asset management has been growing. This event examined why asset management is of importance at this time, what measures need to be taken to enhance the asset management industry and how it can shape the future of society.

Fincity Global Forum (6)

On the panel "Balancing Competition and Collaboration among International Financial Cities" moderated by Keiichi Aritomo, Executive Director FinCity.Tokyo, with

discussed competition and collaboration of financial centers, the impact of the coronavirus on financial centers, as well as developments in Japan around FinCity.Tokyo.

Furthermore, Jochen introduced the WAIFC and its objectives.

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Please find a video of the panel here.

After the panel, Jochen handed over the WAIFC membership certificate to FinCity.Tokyo's Chairman Hiroshi Nakaso.

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WAIFC approved FinCity.Tokyo's membership two weeks before the conference.



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