EnterpriseNGR is positioned to engage in both private sector and public sector advocacy with the aim of fostering a favorable operating environment for the Financial and Professional Services sector and championing the transformation of Nigeria into an international financial center.

What is EnterpriseNGR?

EnterpriseNGR is an independent member-led group established for the purpose of promoting and influencing an enabling policy environment for the Nigerian Financial and Professional Services (FPS) sector. The Nigerian FPS sector comprises the Banking and Finance, Insurance, Pensions, Asset Management, Capital Markets and Green Finance, Islamic Finance, FinTech, Law, Accounting and Consulting subsectors.

Nigeria’s Financial and Professional Services (FPS) sector contributes significantly to the nation’s economic growth and hence is crucial to enabling the positive development of the economy. Yet, amongst the many subsectors within Nigeria’s FPS, only the banking subsector has made giant strides in the last few decades achieving about 60% penetration in Nigeria with strong African footprints and international presence in key financial markets.

This growth needs to be sustained and replicated across other subsectors if we are to advance the impact of the FPS, greatly strengthen the economy, and position Nigeria as a prime financial center for Africa. To do this, the sector needs an enabling and stable policy environment built, grown, and maintained by deliberate effort.

This is where EnterpriseNGR comes in.

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