WAIFC participates in Astana Finance Days on June 27-29

WAIFC leaders will speak on two panels moderated by our Managing Director Jochen Biedermann.
2022年6月27日 | Nursultan, Kazakhstan

IFC Panels on Sustainable Finance

By invitation of Rwanda Finance, WAIFC leaders discussed the Sustainable Finance agenda in Africa and Europe.
2022年3月24日 | Kigali, Rwanda

Meeting of the WAIFC Board of Directors & Extraordinary General Meeting in Kigali

WAIFC leaders witnessed Sub-Saharan African growth and the crucial role of Kigali International Financial Center in supporting it.
2022年3月23日 | Kigali, Rwanda

President Kagame invites WAIFC leaders to his office

WAIFC representatives met the President of Rwanda today to discuss the development of the Kigali international financial center.
2022年3月22日 | Kigali, Rwanda

WAIFC participates in the FinCity.Tokyo Global Forum 2022

Several WAIFC board members spoke about the collaboration among financial centers in the Post COVID19 era.
2022年2月2日 | Tokyo, Japan

WAIFC Young Academic Award 2022

We invite young academics to submit papers or essays on the future of a sustainable and inclusive financial sector.
2022年2月1日 | Brussels, Belgium

Happy Lunar New Year 2022!

WAIFC would like to wish you a healthy, prosperous, happy Lunar New Year. We wish you fullness of the vigour and vitality of the Tiger.
2022年1月27日 | Brussels, Belgium

DIFC and WAIFC Data Privacy Roundtable

DIFC and WAIFC organized the first Roundtable on "How Financial Centers Around the World Can Work Together to Support Data-Enabled Sharing and Trade for Business" today.
2022年1月26日 | Dubai, U.A.E.

Season’s Greetings

Best wishes for the holiday season and health and happiness throughout the coming year.
2021年12月24日 | Brussels, Belgium

Roundtable of EU Financial Centers and Federations as a regional chapter of the WAIFC established

The Roundtable will promote the creation of a common EU financial market and financial services cooperation between EU member states.
2021年11月9日 | Luxembourg

WAIFC Annual General Meeting in Dubai

The World Alliance meets in Dubai for its AGM 2021 and welcomes the Italian Banking, Insurance and Finance Federation as its 21st member.
2021年10月26日 | Dubai, U.A.E.

Joint webinar with Stuttgart Financial on accelerating Sustainable Finance

By invitation of Stuttgart Financial, WAIFC leaders met at the Expo Dubai to discuss the role of financial centers in managing the transition.
2021年10月25日 | Dubai, U.A.E.

Joint webinar with FC4S on "Financial Centers on the Road to COP26"

In our webinar ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, we discussed what financial centers have achieved so far and what they expect from COP26.
2021年10月13日 | Dublin, Ireland

WAIFC Publication on the "Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Banking Regulation"

Global financial centers call for regulation to help support post-COVID recovery.
2021年8月31日 | Brussels, Belgium

The WAIFC Annual General Meeting will be held this year in Dubai

By invitation of the DIFC, WAIFC members will meet in Dubai on 26 October for WAIFC’s Annual General Meeting 2021.
2021年8月10日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC Publication on "How international financial centers can help drive international regulatory cooperation post-COVID-19"

Global financial centers unite in a call for increased international regulatory cooperation to support COVID-19 recovery.
2021年6月28日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC and AIFC co-organize a panel at the Astana Finance Days

Jennifer Reynolds will give a keynote on the panel on "The Role of International Financial Centers in Attracting International Capital" on 02 July.
2021年6月21日 | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Stichting Capital Amsterdam joins WAIFC and becomes its 20th member

WAIFC welcomes Stichting Capital Amsterdam as a new member as well as Arif Amiri and Abdullah Al Rabiei as new board members.
2021年6月3日 | St. Petersburg, Russia

New Global Webinar Series on Artificial Intelligence in Finance

WAIFC announces its new global webinar series in partnership with the World Economic Forum and NVIDIA.
2021年4月28日 | Brussels, Belgium


2021年4月22日 | Brussels, Belgium


2021年3月15日 | Brussels, Belgium / Dubai, U.A.E.


2021年3月2日 | Brussels, Belgium

Webinar on Supporting SMEs with Sustained Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

We will present our most recent publication on SMEs on 02 March 2021 and discuss its findings and recommendations with international experts.
2021年2月24日 | Brussels, Belgium


2021年2月5日 | Brussels, Belgium

Meet us at the Asian Financial Forum 2021

We will have a virtual booth at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong on 18-19 January 2021.
2021年1月18日 | Hong Kong, China

Jennifer Reynolds succeeds Arnaud de Bresson as Chair of the WAIFC's Board of Directors

The WAIFC Board has unanimously elected Jennifer Reynolds, President & CEO of Toronto Finance International, as the new Chair.
2021年1月11日 | Brussels, Belgium / Toronto, Canada

WAIFC Publication on "Innovation and FinTechs in a Post-Pandemic World"

WAIFC's new report highlights the role of innovation and FinTechs in post-pandemic economic recovery.
2020年12月21日 | Brussels, Belgium

Webinar on Sustainable finance in a post-pandemic world

We will present our most recent publication and discuss its findings and recommendations with international experts.
2020年12月9日 | Stuttgart, Germany / Abu Dhabi, UAE

Meeting of the WAIFC Board of Directors & Extraordinary General Meeting

WAIFC welcomes Nick Barigye and Jong Hwa Kim as new board members.
2020年12月2日 | Brussels, Belgium


我们的董事总经理在亚洲金融合作协会所举办的亚洲金融高峰论坛 2020暨亚洲金融智库2020年会就“一带一路”金融合作新机会的议题上发表演说
2020年12月2日 | Guangzhou, China


2020年12月2日 | Brussels, Belgium

Central Bank Digital Currency: Key Developments and Relevance in the Post COVID-19 Monetary Environment

Webinar as part of the Qatar Financial Centres Webcast Series, at the sidelines of our Annual General Meeting
2020年10月21日 | Doha, Qatar

WAIFC Innovation & Technology Forum has defined the role of financial centers in the fight against COVID-19

The first WAIFC Innovation & Technology Forum was held on 20 October virtually. Leading global experts and leaders of financial and innovation centers discussed solutions aimed at stabilizing the global economy.
2020年10月20日 | Doha, Qatar

Rwanda Finance joins the WAIFC as the 3rd African financial center

WAIFC welcomes Rwanda Finance as a new member and Dr. King Au as a new board member.
2020年10月19日 | Doha, Qatar

WAIFC Annual General Meeting in Doha

Qatar Financial Centre virtually hosted our Annual General Meeting in 2020.
2020年10月19日 | Doha, Qatar

First WAIFC Innovation & Technology Forum

We are pleased to announce our first Innovation and Technology Forum. We organize the Forum virtually on 20 October, together with Moscow International Financial Centre and Qatar Financial Centre.
2020年9月30日 | Doha, Qatar

Third FinTech Webinar with Findexable: Open Banking Innovation. Open Sesame?

In a third FinTech webinar with Findexable, we discussed Open Banking today. A growing list of countries are looking at Open Banking regulation as a way to drive financial services innovation in their own markets, encourage the provision of new services, and improve the customer experience.
2020年7月8日 | Brussels, Belgium

International Financial Centers: Sustaining SME Growth in a Post-COVID World – Webinar

Webinar during the Astana Finance Days
2020年7月1日 | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Joint declaration on the current pandemic

WAIFC promotes international cooperation, sustainable investments, and avoiding the self-defeating lure of protectionism during this global health and economic emergency.
2020年5月27日 | Brussels, Belgium

Stuttgart Financial joins the WAIFC

WAIFC welcomes Stuttgart Financial as a new member and Zahra Abdel Rassoul as well as Keiichi Aritomo as new board members.
2020年5月15日 | Brussels, Belgium

Second FinTech Webinar with Findexable: Enabling a great leap forward?

In the second of our series representatives from global financial centers in Doha, Hong Kong, and Luxembourg joined Jochen Biedermann and Simon Hardie to discuss whether the world after lockdown will be more diverse and more digital.
2020年5月7日 | London, UK

FinTech Webinar with Findexable: Regulation, resilience and SMEs focus attention of global financial hubs through corona-crisis

In the first of a 2-part series representatives from global financial centers in London, Paris, and Toronto joined Jochen Biedermann and Simon Hardie to discuss the impact of Covid-19 and the role of financial centers in preparing for recovery.
2020年4月30日 | London, UK

New FinTech Webinar Series in Partnership with Findexable

Together with Findexable, WAIFC starts a new series of FinTech webinars discussing the road from crisis to opportunities. Register free of charge for the first two webinars on 30 April 2020 and 07 May 2020.
2020年4月24日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC Publication on “How global financial centers can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic"

WAIFC stresses the importance of international cooperation in the fight against the consequences of the corona pandemic for the economy and the financial industry.
2020年4月22日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC Publication on “The role of financial centers in driving economic growth"

WAIFC announces its first major publication on “The role of financial centers in driving economic growth.”
2020年4月22日 | Brussels, Belgium

News and activities of our members in the current crisis

Our members, the leading international financial centers, have launched a wide range of activities to mitigate the effects of the current crisis. We have compiled an overview for you.
2020年4月20日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC participates in the FinCity.Tokyo Global Forum

WAIFC representatives participated in a panel at the Global Forum, co-hosted by WAIFC member FinCity.Tokyo and NIKKEI.
2020年3月19日 | Tokyo, Japan

WAIFC welcomes FinCity.Tokyo as a new member

FinCity.Tokyo, the organization of the Tokyo financial center, has become the 16th member of the WAIFC.
2020年3月2日 | Brussels, Belgium

Interview with Xinhua News at HK FSDC

Christopher Hui, Executive Director of the HK FSDC, and Jochen Biedermann, Managing Director of the WAIFC gave an interview to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency.
2020年1月15日 | Hong Kong, China

Meeting with the Hong Kong SAR Government

During the Asian Financial Forum, WAIFC leaders met the Honorable James Lau, the Hong Kong SAR Secretary for Financial Services & Treasury, for discussions.
2020年1月14日 | Hong Kong, China

WAIFC Annual General Meeting in Abu Dhabi

WAIFC welcomes the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council as a new member.
2019年10月24日 | Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Fintech Abu Dhabi 2019

WAIFC leaders and FinTech experts took part in the largest Fintech Festival in the MENA region.
2019年10月23日 | Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

New section: "Opinions"

On a regular basis, we will share with you an article that was personally written by a member or a senior leader of the WAIFC.
2019年9月24日 | Brussels, Belgium

WAIFC Award for Nursultan Nazarbayev, First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

First President Nazarbayev's outstanding service in building a constructive dialogue between global financial centers, inspired by the creation of the AIFC, was honored by the WAIFC.
2019年7月5日 | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Meeting of the WAIFC FinTech Initiative in Nur-Sultan

WAIFC leaders and FinTech experts discussed best practices in FinTech talent development.
2019年7月2日 | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Meeting of the WAIFC Board of Directors & Extraordinary General Meeting in Nur-Sultan

WAIFC welcomed TheCityUK, Qatar Financial Centre, and EDB Mauritius as new members.
2019年7月2日 | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Meeting of the WAIFC FinTech Initiative in Casablanca

WAIFC's FinTech Initiative met in Casablanca for discussing best practices in FinTech ecosystem building.
2019年4月26日 | Casablanca, Morocco

Launching of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers

After announcing their strategic alliance in Paris on July 12, eleven financial centers have launched the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC).
2018年10月1日 | Brussels, Belgium

Financial Services Leaders Announce Establishment Process of the WAIFC

The World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) is a new global strategic alliance to facilitate cooperation and economic growth.
2018年7月12日 | Paris, France